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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why I left Google. What happened to my book. What I work on at Facebook. – Are you thinking inside out?

Why I left Google. What happened to my book. What I work on at Facebook. – Are you thinking inside out?: "Why I left Google
- What happened to my book ‘Social Circles’
- What I’m working on at Facebook
I never intended to write publicly about why I left Google, but it seems necessary to give people some facts that they can refer to, and not have people speculating and making stuff up."

Editors Note: Noticing this fellows, title, I know longer need to worry about being so self referential, It should be fairly obvious to most of my readers by now all 26 of them that this is going to be my new style from here on in. I used to typically blog in this fashion, of course utilizing the very handle blog this button, yet there was a time I was doing more of my own titles and cutting and pasting, with back-links and attribution of course.

If you saw this text on a webpage, how would you figure out what it means?

Если вы читаете этот текст, вы, вероятно, уже говорите по-русски. Однако миллионы людей не знают русского и не могут прочитать миллионы русскоязычных веб-страниц.*

You would likely need to translate manually via our language tools or inToolbar.

Yet back then, my personal blogging held a greater meaning. Less people were doing, I felt so kind of special and unique. Now its kind of like, oh you have a blog, who doesn't yet overall I know its a good thing to do for a whole variety of reasons.

The image above is something my daughter made.

Stephen C. Sanders

Random thoughts images and sharing whatever I happened to surf into before this mornings first cup of coffee. (Oh and by the way did I tell you that I could not locate my keys this morning! And yes I will have a quick look out regarding alternate side of the street parking.

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