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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monetize your site with Digital Point Ads

Monetize your site with Digital Point Ads: "Allow Advertisers To Target Their Specific Audience
Advertisers can choose to show their ads based on the geographical location of the user viewing the ad automatically via geotargeting technology. Ads can also be targeted to display only in certain areas of your site (for example maybe you have a forum and an advertiser is just interested in displaying ads in certain sub-forums).
Advertisers pay the publishers (site owners) DIRECTLY via PayPal. Payments do not go through us or anyone else.
How Much Can I Expect To Make?
Ads are sold on a bidding system, so how much you make is largely dependent on how much traffic your site has, the quality of your site (higher quality sites will get more advertisers bidding on the ad space), etc."

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