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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DNS - Computer Server Colocation - Miami Florida

DNS - Computer Server Colocation - Miami Florida: "DNS can colocate your existing servers within our secure datacenters. Get continuous availability with additional security measures by accessing information in our secure, off-site environment. In case of natural disasters, flood or power outages, you’re protected.

DNS Colocation services also include:

Colocation analysis and design services:

We’ll review your current equipment needs and design a package accounting for total wattage, rack space and Internet connectivity requirements for your equipment."

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  1. Server colocation services with the latest equipment and tools are needed to best serve your needs. If colocation is done successfully then your internet site won’t ever be offline. It will not even require reloading. Companies that provide server colocation services possess power back-up generators. Your server will be faster and reliable and won’t ever go down even when a natural disaster occurs. It helps to make your data center operations more cost-effective and run without any hassles.