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Thursday, July 7, 2011

15 Years Of Photo Sharing Exits Vs. YouTube

15 Years Of Photo Sharing Exits Vs. YouTube: "The recent proliferation of early stage financing for photo-sharing startups like Path ($11.2 million), Picplz ($5 million), Instagram ($7.5M) and Color ($41 million) is leading some to speculate that we are in a crazy picture sharing bubble.

But are photo sharing investments just another sign of irrational exuberance?"

Editors Note:

Gee, I sure remember specifically coming with a great concept for a Photo Sharing Plan, an I was talking with a technical Java programmer to do it. Now this was about two years back when maybe two photo sharing companies dominated the market with Free Services.

He, said well Flikr is already that. I pointed out the differences, but in his mind I know that he had clearly shut me down.

When everyone lacks imagination, who will anyone turn to for "fresh ideas".

Someone, one of my "seven" or am I up to 36 readers, should remind me to tell you about the story of when, and why, I bought, TodaysClouds.com

Stephen C. Sanders


I figured if I throw a link out there it will force me back to C-Panel to work out the kinks in this one installation. Can you find the "missing word" ?

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