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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We Have Been Beleiving The "Experts" For Too Long.

I am reworking, and rewiring my entire mode of operation. I have toloerated all sorts of meddlinng, being misunderstood, and seeming as if I had no definite postion, on anything of any improtance.

The truth is I am a deep thinker, and while my perfectionistic tendencies at times slows me down, there is a value to mastering any particular endeavor which is worth persuing. 

The world is filled with people who are happily lead, have no strong opinions and will lovingly cling to all sorts of dogma and theories merely becuase their leader have strongly endorsed and embraced these concepts. 

Well apparently someone has some big shoes to fill, and the web publisher who has remained independent and sharing only his own opinions needs your financial assistance by buying an advertisement. In all these years there have been precious few infractions and when it occurs the website that perhaps has appealed to spammers because of high Alexa ratings (nad little actually personally selected or hand written content will be pulled down.


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