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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yesware: Get Notified When Your Sent Emails Have Been Viewed

Yesware: Get Notified When Your Sent Emails Have Been Viewed: "Yesware is an excellent browser service that adds a tiny image to your outgoing Gmail emails. When recipients of your emails open your message and download the image, Yesware is able to tell you that the email has been seen. The service lets you save particular emails as templates. Yesware also settles into your browser and improves the Gmail interface to offer you important reports. The app also lets you synchronize your emails with your CRM very quickly."

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Publishers Note: (an increasingly rare thing)

This looks like a great app but will it work with g-mail, which apparently I am hooked on- side note- although the interface is now so cluttered I get distracted from the real use of reading my email!

Stephen C. Sanders- November 6, 2012 12 midnight.

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