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Thursday, November 8, 2012

4 Ways to Make Money With Domains

4 Ways to Make Money With Domains: "Like most other good IM Domainers I buy with both SEO and Branding in mind, so when I look for a domain I consider the following variables:

- Keywords (for either SEO, Branding or Resale/Leasing purposes): exact match where possible.

- Extension (for Branding or Resale/Leasing purposes): I would always aim for .com domains above any other extension but I also buy .net’s, .orgs, .info’s or CCTLD’s (Country Code TLD’s like .co.uk for the UK) if I am targeting a country specific niche.

- Age of domain (SEO & Resale/Leasing Purposes): The older the domain the better. You can manually check the creation date of a domain on domaintools.com

- History of domain (for SEO & Reputation or Resale/Leasing Purposes): It’s important the domain name history is relevant to the niche you are targeting. Also make sure the domain hasn’t been involved in any kind of taboo industries like adult or gaming. You can manually check the history on Archive.org"

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