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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

35 Local Link Opportunities - AboutUs Wiki Page

35 Local Link Opportunities - AboutUs Wiki Page: " plenty of local forums with a city name in the title where you can post a comment and get a DoFollow link from your signature. Are you getting any value from expressing an opinion? Not much. Are you getting a free link on a city-themed web page -- for example, http://www.philadelphiaspeaks.com/forum/south-philadelphia/17387-i-95-history-lession.html -- while talking about the history of I-95? You betcha.

8. Have you purchased anything from a local artist for your business? If so, take a picture of the work of art on display in your office, email it to the artist, and tell them how much you love it. Artists enjoy seeing their work on display. You’ll probably get a link, and if not, ask for one.

Local Links from the Folks You Work With"

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