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Monday, June 27, 2011

Open Directory - Society: Philosophy: Personal Pages: Weblogs

Open Directory - Society: Philosophy: Personal Pages: Weblogs: "Paul Nervy Notes - Well organized compilation of jokes, poems, and stories by topic.
Philoscifi - Philosophical science fiction weblog that strives to inspire.
Quantum Fires: The Power of Unbiased Thought - An exploration of the use of bias and division to manipulate manipulate mankind to advance narrow goals that exploit our species and planet.
Quintessence - Chronicles thoughts and reflections on life and culture.
Ravings of an Aspirant and a Wikiphiliac - Devoted to introducing readers to a fresher, newer, lighter aspect of life.
Soul Tending - Exploration of how to tend to the soul of one's self, the environment and the planet. Bringing back soulfulness to every aspect of life: health, relationships, marriage, parenthood, money."

Editors Note: Finding the place for one of my websites, based on its major breakthrough. An overnight jump in its Alexa Tool bar rating of over 10 Million points. I believe that it should take it place amongst the website above.

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