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Monday, June 27, 2011

Internet Archive Wayback Machine

The Wayback Archive interesting concept for those who realize with every change also something is lost.

Internet Archive Wayback Machine:

"http://thewriterscafe.org has been crawled 24 times going all the way back to February 25, 2001.
A crawl can be a duplicate of the last one. It happens about 25% of the time across 420,000,000 websites. FAQ"

Interesting to note that my 1st This relationship directly led to the idea I had which uncovered a way to get Alexa and Google to help me get free, unlimited traffic for any keyword related to my site's topic.

The idea was so simple, so cheap, and so profitable that I started to write a book about it, which I finished this past January. Everything was great, I was getting great traffic. Then I woke up one morning and checked my email, and most of my online colleagues were ticked off about something called the Florida update, which caused many small commercial websites to have their listings drop in ranking or disappear altogether.

Of course, I went to check on my site.

The big interest to Todays Clouds is that almost overnight the websites Alexa rating jumped from about 22 Million to its current 8 Million, which is a good thing!

The Alexa rating shows how popular your website is as compared to the billions out there in the world. Naturally there is some cut off after which your Alexa rating is simply "not on the radar" and is given a default value of 0. Naturally an Alexa rating value of 0 seen in an appraisal does not mean that your website is the most popular website in the whole world.

Stephen C. Sanders- SandCloud 6/27/11 9:07am

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