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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Facts About WestHost

Fun Facts About WestHost: "78% of our employees own at least 1 domain. What would you expect from a hosting company?
Half of our employees are fluent in another language besides English.
13% of our employees have a tattoo. The location was not specified, and we prefer to leave it that way.
85% of our support technicians and server administrators have finished or are enrolled in a computer-related college degree. We told you they were smart!
70% of our employees consider themselves to be 'night owls'. Perhaps we should increase our graveyard shift?"

Editors Note: Interesting that informality has become the "new" corporate culture. My brother recently had explained some of the new corporate culture such as keeping logged onto Facebook, throughout the workday. Also texting before calling, requesting permission to call before calling. etc...

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