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Thursday, January 5, 2017

the question was who is Suta Goswami - Sastra Caksusa

the question was who is Suta Goswami - Sastra Caksusa: "Suta Goswami
When Sukadeva goswami gave his lecture there in the audience was Suta Goswami a very sharp hearing man, srutidhara. Srutidhara is one who having only once heard something keeps it in his memory, and Suta, having those qualities, was present in that meeting. The fourth sitting was in Naimisaranya where the rsis, apprehending the manifestation, of Kali-yuga, commenced and engaged themselves in a one thousand year campaign, yajna. Finding Suta Goswami they said, "We have got a good opportunity in the evening to hear about the Absolute and we heard that you, Suta, were present in that mysterious and famous assembly where Sukadeva gave his lecture about Bhagavatam and you memorized it all perfectly. We now humbly request that you deliver by way of lecture to us that Bhagavatam." Suta Goswami accepted their proposal and that was the last sitting in the form of regular evening lectures. Sixty thousand or so rsis, the scholars and performers of sacrifices, assembled to hear from him. It was after this sitting that Vyasadeva took the whole thing and compiled it in book form and made it public."

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