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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Warsaw Ghetto chronology and fact sheet - Dignity & Defiance

Warsaw Ghetto chronology and fact sheet - Dignity & Defiance: "October 12, 1940
(Yom Kippur) Decree establishing Ghetto issued.
November 16, 1940 Ghetto sealed off.
July 22 - September 12, 1942 Mass deportation of 300,000 Jews from Warsaw. After the deportations only 60,000 Jews remained.
July 23, 1942 Adam Czerniakow, head of Judenrat, commits suicide rather than turn over Jewish children to the Germans.
January 18, 1943 Second wave of deportations. Beginning of armed resistance."

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opportunities: "Creating such a virtual museum, i.e. a museum that exists only on the Internet, has its advantages and offers unique opportunities. Such a museum does not require the raising of funds (though contributions are gratefully accepted and greatly appreciated) to erect an actual building, but can be created by a person with the imagination, time, knowledge and the means to do so, not to mention the material to fill such a museum. Such as it is, a virtual (Internet-only) museum can only be filled with that which attracts the senses of sight and sound (at least until an olfactory chip is invented). The Museum of Family History to a great degree is composed of photographs and text and is somewhat interactive"

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Experiencing Teen Drama Overload? Blame Biology : NPR

Experiencing Teen Drama Overload? Blame Biology : NPR: "Nonetheless, don't expect the teen to be happy and completely over it, since resentment and frustration are likely to linger. If the tornado has lost high velocity and dwindled into mere blusters, this, in itself, is a major achievement."

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Internet Speeds consistently slower than I'm paying for - Verizon Forums

Internet Speeds consistently slower than I'm paying for - Verizon Forums: " I feel a little sheepish for complaining about my speeds (my sympathies to the folks who can't even get 1 Mbps), but I'm not getting what I'm paying for. I have High Speed Internet Enhanced, which is advertised as 3.1 to 7.6 Mbps.

For the last few months, I have noticed a dip in the speeds that I get (judging by the inability to stream 240p videos without pausing every few seconds). It's pretty consistent, with periods during which the internet grinds almost to a halt."

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dinah Sanders - Google+

Dinah Sanders - Google+:

"Life is full of possibilities and experiences. Yet somehow we're never truly satisfied with what we have, until it gets taken away. Why is it that the most valuable lessons in life are only taught when we have to learn them the hard way?"

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