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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Founder Vesting | VentureFizz

Founder Vesting | VentureFizz: "front vesting from VC type investors.  My experience is that for many startups in which the founders have invested some sweat, investors will give you some credit in the form of fully vested stock.  So, a typical arrangement (again depending on the facts) might be 10% to 25% fully vested at the Series Seed (or Series A, as the case may be) closing with the remaining amount vesting ratable on a monthly basis over three years.

(3)  The notion of a “cliff” seems out of place for founders who have been working on a startup for some months (or longer).

(4)  I see a lot of so-called double triggers (as opposed to full acceleration upon a sale).  So, sometimes you see everything that is unvested vest upon a sale (a liquidity event other than an IPO).  "

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House of Genius

House of Genius: "easure to warmly welcome great people with exciting and diverse skill sets! We are always looking for new local and international sponsors, great presenters, and engaged attendees. Use our application page if you’d like to attend or present. Contact us today if you’re interested in sponsorship. We’re expanding, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to see Genius in your city!"

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Haskalah - My Jewish Learning

Haskalah - My Jewish Learning: "As part of their educational program, the maskilim sought to encourage Jews to substitute for the Yiddish they commonly spoke the German language of culture, a language that would give them access to German and other European literature and open their minds to new ideas.

But, aware that this aim could easily lead to a rejection of the rich Jewish literary heritage, the maskilimalso stressed the need to cultivate the Hebrew language of the Bible, so that Judaism could be expressed on its own terms as a philosophy of life in no sense inferior to that of their neighbour. The program required Jewish schools to be established in which the children would be taught both Hebrew and general science and literature.


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