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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

13 Reasons Why A Domain Has No or Low Value

13 Reasons Why A Domain Has No or Low Value: " Especially if the domain is a .com, the fact that the domain is still unregistered after all of these years, means the domain likely isn’t that popular a term. You’ll likely need to wait a bit to sell the domain, and even then it likely will only sell for a modest amount. Of course, domains about emerging technologies and the like can be an exception to this.
13. Keyword + Fanciful Prefix or Suffix. By this, I mean a domain like, well, DomainBits.com. These domains can be worth something. The problem with them is that your domain is competing against all the other domains with the same keyword and other prefixes or suffixed – like say, DomainWorld.com. This large number of equally acceptable alternative keeps the value of the domain down."

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