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Friday, November 18, 2011

Stocked.com Sells For $11K On NameJet.com & SkiBoats.com Sells For Less Than AsianChat.com + More | The Domains

Stocked.com Sells For $11K On NameJet.com & SkiBoats.com Sells For Less Than AsianChat.com + More | The Domains: "Michael H. Berkens

Quite a few single word domains sold on Namejet.com this week and non of the prices seemed to high.

Stocked.com led the way off of our sheet selling for just $11K.

Looks like the recession maybe starting to  hit the wholesale aftermarket in a big way.

Here are some of the domain name sales we tracked:

Stocked.com $11,005

AsianChat.com $10,600

SkiBoats.com $9,300

organicfruit.com $8,999"

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  1. Those are actually some pretty good prices, for both buyer ans seller.

    I think the kind of customer I am seeking to develop for my domains,-yes I have to educate my customer in various things for ex: in many cases a .org can even be better (for those who want to use their domains as opposed to invest or resell). Yes I do hope to have my customer pay top dollar for my domain, although of course we can (and must) negotiate, I can offer you so much "value added" info at no charge!

  2. Who would be clever enough to find the "Perfect Customer" for:



    Or Some Excellent .org's

    WordWord.org (Needs a serious offer, b/c at too low a price) I think I might do better developing it, while the .com version of this domain might be listed for 12K, and the ,net far lower, this is a domain that proves the values of the dot Org's

    Also its perhaps still a specialty market, yet the dot US domains have some special applications!

  3. I have some introductory info, yet I hope to list actual domain statistic on about 248 of the domains I own.

    Today is a special day, and I want to have my followers take notice, before going to auction, that way the right domain may go to an end user rather than a reseller or a speculator. (The true downside to the auction)

    I would love to see the domains get developed into so many potentially viable web projects!