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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Alan Wolk: Everything Is Great Until It Isn't

Alan Wolk: Everything Is Great Until It Isn't: "And how many times unsubscribing involves entering some long-forgotten user name and password to “modify your account’s notification settings.”
What’s more, getting a 25 cent coupon every time I walk past Starbucks may seem like a great idea if I’ve got a several-times-a-day Starbucks habit. But checking to see what’s making that buzzing noise on my phone, especially if I pass by Starbucks several times a day is going to get old fast.
Push coupons also seem to fall into the same category as internet banners: they’re asking you to stop doing something time sensitive (looking up your flight reservation, walking to a lunch meeting) to pay attention to their product. Location is particularly sensitive in this area: outside of vacation trips, how often do we find ourselves wandering the streets without a specific destination in mind."

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