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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where is G-d? Devarim-Nitzavim 30:11-14 « TheWritersCafe.org

Where is G-d? Devarim-Nitzavim 30:11-14 « TheWritersCafe.org: "Is He hiding on a mountain, waiting for us to climb up?

Is He dwelling in the waters, in the watery deep for us to find?

Is He riding upon a rainbow, which we can only see after a storm?

Is He hidden in the darkness, which we me must seek out in a cave within the earth?

Is He hiding in the cosmos, behind some great constellation’s birth?

Or have I got it all wrong… and its some emotion that is needed; perhaps mirth?

That I need to cultivate within myself- forgetting all but my very birth?"

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