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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Keeping Information Secure And Accessible.

An original post by the webmaster of these and other affiliated Blog Spot posts.- Stephen C. Sanders, Wed, September 7, 2011.

The simple facts regarding my knowledge and understanding of websites comes primarily from what I have learned by doing. While I have indeed often been helped by mentors, and often pointed in the right direction by others, the great thing about the World Wide Web  as I understand it, is the ability to do things yourself.

So lets consider this one simple fact. The data you have on your own computer, be it a simple PC, expensive laptop, or high end expensive business model desktop will be able to afford some level of security to the information that is stored within it.


However consider this. Most experts have come to understand the necessity of backing up important or valuable date (at least in the business world) on a regular basis. Now why is this done? Simply because just like in every other field, things can go wrong with computers.

 Now consider the marketplace. So many devices are sold which create daily back ups for your tiny little PC. So many different anti-virus program be from Free to $99 (with recurring yearly subscription costs) required to be paid yearly to keep the precious date on your tiny little PC free from harm.


Now consider what happens when you use your tiny little computer (with all your data, archives, notes, documents, and pictures) to go on the internet.

Well just imagine your tiny little PC (with all the sophistication that can fit) is now part of a much larger entity, the Big Bad World Wide Web. The main thing you have to understand as anyone new to a firewall would immediately notice, that there is this ongoing flow of information that goes into and out of your tiny little PC.

Therefore where is your precious data going to be most secure? Will it be most secure inside your tiny little machine, or would it perhaps be more secure on larger systems with specific technology designed and developed to specifically keep this data secure?

Stephen C. Sanders, putting in his two cents on the value of, and security on The Cloud. Written specifically for TodaysClouds.com and its affiliates. September 7, 2011 2:50pm EST.

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