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Friday, September 16, 2011

Getting Caught in the Theoretical and Breaking Free. « TheWritersCafe.org

Getting Caught in the Theoretical and Breaking Free. « TheWritersCafe.org: "The central idea was about not being decisive or being a glittering generality. He had used this analogy about how he was offered these muffins that were baked by a a neighbor or friend of his. They tasted okay but he wondered why they were so short and squat. Why they were not tall and fluffy like a muffin or biscuit is supposed to be. (I think it was biscuits).

Any way the housewife explained to him that somehow they were “getting ready to rise” but for some reason that they did not. They had somehow become baked in the squat. In his tape Napoleon Hill then went on to explain how that is what happens to us in life with our goals."

Editor's Note: When I wrote this article I had apparently confused Napoleon Hill with Zig Zigler. The analogy if how we live our lives, getting caught in the squat may indeed seem very familiar to many of us, yet it was Zig Zigler who came up with this concept.

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