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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Story Behind Today Clouds.

Todays Clouds started as an idea one day when I happened to have my camera around with me and saw the simple beauty of the clouds. At the stime someone was helping me set up my 1st WordPress website, and he was helping me transfer over the domain that I believe was being used at the time to link to a Tripod.Lycos website.

TheWritersCafe.Tripod.com/ {Before I knew about WordPress|

Thats all for now, I needed to post just a little something as a show of thanks to people who have surfed into my website. If you going to get started in the blogging world, I would plainly state that you do not have to a great writer, but having writing skills is extremely helpful.

                                   This place used to be hopping and now it is merely 
                                   a place that, well its there. Can you guess? Free link
                                            to your blog from an Alex rated web-site, if correct.

Plenty of people will tell you all sorts of things, but you should like something and have some that you do want to share on the Word Wide Web.

Be, casual, people will share you your beautiful works of your heart, mind and soul, but thats a good think, because bloggers will use proper etiquette and provide a link back to your site as compensation for your valuable images and words.

Stephen, 7/11/11

Bonus trivia question:

In what board game is it good to get 7, 11, or doubles, and why and when is it good. (Clue we are not talking about a gambling game in Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

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