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Monday, July 11, 2011

Regarding Images from the Web - Blogger Help

Regarding Images from the Web - Blogger Help: "Add an Image from the Web' using the image upload feature in Blogger, you shouldn't use an image location that is hosted at someone else's expense without their permission.

Sometimes this is referred to as 'stealing bandwidth' because every time your blog loads, the image is loaded from their server, and this person likely incurs an expense.

Copyrighted Materials

Before you put an image in your blog, keep in mind that some images are protected as intellectual property through copyright."

Editors Note: If you are a blogger (Using Googles BlogSpot, then I would think Google should not have a problem with linking to the images url, at least this way I benefit (I think by getting a link from you). I am happy to share the image freely but realize that we all wants links to our sites.


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