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Sunday, June 19, 2011

10 Reasons Why I Use WordPress | TentBlogger

10 Reasons Why I Use WordPress | TentBlogger: "Designer and developer-friendly. In other words, it’s flexible. As a developer and designer I can do anything I want with it and even change it up to not look like a blog at all!
It’s multimedia-ready. I can do anything from just plain text to images to video and more.
The navigation and administration panel is intuitive. Sure, I’ve used it for years but when I help other people decide they come back and tell me how easy it is to get started.
Search Engines loves WordPress. What this means is that WordPress is Search Engine Optimization-friendly and your site will be indexed faster (show up faster on search engines) than other blog platforms. This is a very good thing.
It’s customizable. This is important since I need to be able to customize it to my particular needs, especially the ones that are required of a Full Time Blogger"

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